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I’m here now to tell about the dream that comes true.

by Marta Quattrocchi

After almost three years of abundance of fauna and flora, sanctuaries in tropical jungles, and tea plantations we decided to plan our trip to the Maldives a popular destination and infinite vision for many people all over the world.

As Francesca says, employer in Viluxur Holidays one of the main travel agencies in Sri Lanka that works with Maldives, “..there is not an island better than another all are beautiful and have a specific charm…” . Paradise is a paradise, all is perfect everywhere.

The Maldives are a group of 1190 dots of white sand floating on a beautiful blue ocean gathered into 26 large coral structures encircling a lagoon called atolls. Around 100 of them are private islands with its own resorts.

The beauty of Maldives islands are indeed addictive and gratify the expectations and requests of everybody. The luxury traveler is blessed for choice among the most exquisite luxury resorts that could weave you your dream vacation. maldive-copertinamap-southern-atollsMany of the resorts are especially designed to cater for family holidays, equipped with child-care centers. Some of the resorts aim to allow you the opportunity to experience the Maldives holidays at more affordable rates. And now if you wish to have a closer contact with the Maldivian inhabitants, you can also choose among the numerous guest houses located in the fishermen islands.

maldive-8Thanks to the precious advices of Francesca me, my husband and my daughter could decide to give us 5 days of luxury holiday in Conrad Rangali Island.maldive-9

Conrad Rangali is set on two islands in the south Ari Atoll and is reached by a 30-minute seaplane. We flew very comfortably in the middle of the Indian Ocean: colors of magic green emerald and the blue sky blend together creating a play of bright amazing colors. The flight was one of the best memories of our holidays.maldive-sea-plane The arrival by the seaplane dive you immediately in the typical tropical paradise: sand that seems talc, perfectly clear and turquoise water, palm stretched toward the sea, postcard landscapes. Everything is beautiful I’m speechless, just peace and tranquility.

Cornard Maldives Rangali Island offers you everything from the scenic views, white sand beach, colored fishes, luxurious accommodations, the best restaurants, especially the first one made entirely from glass under the sea, along with many other activities.

The island is surrounded by a spectacular coral reef, lagoon and views of the turquoise ocean that will leave you breathless. We enjoyed the range of different activities such as relaxing and lazing on the beach, swimming in pools with infinite views or having a game of tennis by the palm trees swaying in the breeze.You can also explore the culture and heritage of maldive-4by paying a visit to the National Museum or you could take a walk down the streets exploring the market. Stroll by the Mandhoo Island exploring the gardens we tried some of the tropical fruits and the exquisite coconut milk. Among all of them the most exciting and fruitful experience, we ll never forget, is discovering the underwater world observing beautiful colored fishes, corals, small sharks and even a couple of manta ray

After these five unforgettable and deluxe days we decided to experience another aspect of Maldives. Recently in Maldives tourism history, it is possible to stay on local islands, named “fishermen islands” where you can discover true Maldivian life & culture.

We choose a guest house in Meemu Atoll, one of the southern atolls, reachable in 2h30 fast boat.maldive-atoll

The gorgeous, turquoise lagoons and powdery white sand that the Maldives is famous is still yours to discover whilst staying in this friendly guesthouse.  While each location is unique, each guest house provides access to similar types of activities that resorts offer, at the same standards, including deserted island exploration, fishing, beach BBQs, scuba diving, atollo-19 and other watersports. We spent a great time, living in a completely different contest, although staying on a local island vs. a resort is not without its differences.  For one, the Maldives is a Muslim country, therefore bikinis are a no-no on the local islands.  This is not a huge deal as most of the excursions take place in the middle of the ocean or on bikini beaches where it’s perfectly fine to don a bikini. One other big consideration is alcohol.  You can forget about toasting with wine on the local islands where alcohol (and pork!) is forbidden.  Lastly, the local islands are not as pristine as the resort islands, there are still some growing pains and some room for improvement. That said, we wouldn’t have changed our experience for anything, and truly enjoyed being able to do the Maldives for far under the thousands of dollars necessary to be in the resorts.




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