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Kaguramonzen Touji Mura: UNIQU VENUE in Hiroshima

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Kaguramonzen Touji Mura located in Akitakata City, Hiroshima prefecture, is a complex facility where you can enjoy Kagura performances, one of Japan’s most celebrated traditional dance performances. It offers hot springs and cuisines from casual meals to excellent dinners. In July the venue attracted people’s attention as one of Unique Venues for the international conference held in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau, HCVB, showcases a reception conducted as a model project by Hiroshima City Government. The delegates of the conference enjoyed the reception at Kaguramonzen Touji Mura.

Landscape of Kaguramonzen Touji Mura


Sinpen-kidoku-shu, the original sake produced by the facility, and yuzu-juice, the juice made from locally harvested citrus, were served to the delegates as welcome drinks. On the stage, Yamata-no-orochi, one of popular Kagura programs, was performed and there a lot of guests taking pictures of the staging were witnessed.

Following a Japanese style “Washoku” dinner packed with uniquely local ingredients and fun talk, the visitors truly enjoyed another Kagura program “Takiyasha”.



The audio guides helped foreign guests understand the story of the Kagura performance, followed by the audience taking pictures with the performers while trying on the Kagura gorgeous costumes. It was an impressive moment to see that both Japanese and foreign guests willingly experienced dressing-up in Kgura attires and took pictures in their own poses.

After the performances, the delegates strolled the Japanese-Style Street in the venue and had an opportunity to experience “En-nichi”, Japanese-Style and nostalgic attractions, as well as the hot spring. Shooting gallery in the Japanese style and “Hanabi”, sparklers, encouraged participants to get to know each other better. In that sense, the effectiveness of Unique Venue was proved.

An international participant said, “It was a great pleasure to have these rare experiences in Hiroshima.”



Through this model project, HCVB promoted “Kaguramonzen Touji Mura“ as one of new Unique Venues to delegates of the international conference and presented Hiroshima as a destination for international conferences. 

We will earnestly continue to introduce this pastoral and rustic venue as a Unique Venue.


Akitakada city Big-Heart volunteers,

The split of Hiroshima’s hospitality

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