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Or  “After the Coronavirus crisis, do you plan to travel this summer? “This is the question posed by Othman Cherif Alami, CEO of Atlas Voyages a major moroccan TO, on the national vacation plans for summer 2020.
Conducted by My Markets Insights (Sunergia group) *, this survey administered 100% via web was carried out with a sample of 1,024 respondents (on a questionnaire submitted to 208,385 users), over a period from April 17 to 3 May 2020.
This survey is special because it poses the condition for exiting the Covid-19 crisis to consider the trip. Although mentioned in the question, 32% of respondents said they will not be traveling this summer. Of the 67% of respondents who intend to travel this summer, 11.5% plan to travel in their region, 49.8% outside their region and 6.2% internationally. Regarding the profile of the respondents, it is composed but 91.3% urban, with a university education level and is 62.7% composed of men mainly from Casablanca-Rabat axis.

* About My Markets Insights: My Market Insights is a product of surveys launched by Sunergia for all those who wish to quickly obtain reliable and clear information on the Moroccan market. The entrepreneur mode highlighted on this page involves:
An entrepreneur: or any other person who has questions or an idea and who wants to survey the Moroccan population and then share the results with the whole community
A community: of online fans, who in addition to choosing the subjects of our surveys, also give their opinion on the theme and questions asked by entrepreneurs, directly on Facebook publications
source: groupe-sunergia.com/my-market-insights

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