AWARDS & NOMINATIONS Nara Prefectural Convention Center won EXCELLENCE AWARD of Japan Wood Design Award 2020!

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Nara Prefectural Convention Center was awarded the EXCELLENCE AWARD (Forestry Agency DirectorGeneral Award) under “Heart-warming Design” category of the 6th Japan Wood Design Award 2020.
Due to the COVID-19, the Award Ceremony was held on Friday 18 December with the persons involved only, and the video will be shared online.

<About Japan Wood Design Award>
Japan Wood Design Award is an award system that acknowledges outstanding wood products and related activities that contribute to the promotion of comfortable life, human health, and social prosperity from the perspective of consumers. In the 6th year, a total of 432 applicants were entered
for the competition.

<About Heart-warming Design Category>
Construction, space, wood products, projects or technology & research that connect with human senses, providing relaxation, mental and physical health improvement. The design that communicates background stories of producers through wood use.

<Evaluation points>
The large roof of the hybrid frame using Yoshino cedar laminated wood and steel frame, the scale and design of the Tempyo square are impressive, and the complex is an attractive space that shows various ways of using local wood. The local wood is successfully used for structural materials and interior & exterior materials.
Furthermore, various wooden art pieces made by local artisans, including the glass screens with Yoshino cedar Washi papers and plane scrap woods, add cultural richness to the complex. As a regional exchange hub, the nobility of Tempyo culture represented by Manyoshu and the texture and expression of wood are well integrated.


About Nara Prefectural Convention Center

Nara Prefectural Convention Center is located in the middle of Nara City between Nara Park and Heijo Palace Site, surrounded by World Heritage sites. Easily reached from Kansai International Airport via a direct limousine bus in 90 minutes, Nara city offers excellent access to travelers from overseas. Equipped with 14 conference rooms, indoor and outdoor multi-purpose spaces, and tourism promotion facilities, including Nara Prefecture’s largest convention hall at 2,100 square meters, Nara Prefectural Convention Center is the ideal location for a wide variety of events such as international conferences, academic meetings, seminars, exhibitions and business negotiations.

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