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The world had become roads and books for us, travel-loving journalists and writers with ABUJET. With the wind in our hair, we dreamed and flew, getting to know foreign peoples, strange customs, ordinary people… Suddenly, the COVID crisis put an end to all this. Locked in our own homes and hometowns, numb, unbelieving, confused, we slowly looked at ourselves. We looked for our roots. We opened our hearts to the beauty of our surroundings… We have always loved our native Sofia. She had a place in our hearts, but we failed to tell she out loud. And she, as a mother, waited patiently for her children. Today we’re declaring our love to her, recounting about inspiring artists who built her image of a capital. We’re resurrecting life in emblematic homes in Sofia. We’re talking about ancient

Serdica and its millennial tolerance between cultures and religions. We’re touching the treasury of historical heritage in the city center. We’re admiring her dignified aristocratic architecture… We dedicate this collection to her – our wise, beautiful and beloved Sofia.

Thank you,

Plamen Starev 

General Secretary  ABUJET  Bulgaria 


NoR. The  ITALIAN INTERNATIONAL PRESS CENTER “CIST FIJET ITALIA”, representative and partner FIJET’s since 1954, is honored to share with omologue association Bulgaria the prestigious restart publishing new in its official  influencer global magazine  Editor Touritic and cinematograpphic operator national and interntional level

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