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St. Anthony’s Day by Marijana Rebic

If there’s an Anthony in your life, then there’s a special day for him — June 13, the Feast Day of St. Anthony.
So, a happy name day is wished to Ante, Antonela, Antonija, Antoinette, Antoine, Toni, ToniAnn, Antony, Antonio, Antón, …to all with a derivation of the name as well.

The Feast of Saint Anthony falls on the same date each year—June 13, the anniversary of Saint Anthony’s death in 1231. Christians normally celebrate saints’ lives on the day that they died.
Anthony’s fame spread through Portuguese evangelization, and he has been known as the most celebrated of the followers of Francis of Assisi. He is the patron saint of Lisbon, Padua and many places in Croatia,Italy, Portugal, and all over the world.

He is especially invoked and venerated all over the world as the patron saint for the recovery of lost items and is credited with many miracles involving lost people, lost things and even lost spiritual goods.St. Anthony is one of the most beloved saints in Christendom.
Saint Anthony of Padua, also known as Saint Anthony the Wonder-Worker. A priest and Saint Anthony is best known today as the patron saint of lost items—or, as he is sometimes whimsically called, “the patron saint of lost and found.
There are many close family members , named Antony, Antonio, Toni, Antonela. My sister’s husband is an Anthony, my niece is Antonela, my cousins are named Anthony, many friends, more than enough people named Antony, or derivated names.
St. Anthony’s Day is one of the largest saint holidays in my family, as well as in many towns in Middle Dalmatia, Dubrovnik Region, as well as in Italy, Portugal, all over the world.

With that in mind, the number “13” is associated with the saint lucky number in my family, which makes it an even more significant day.(…..Privacy)

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 influencer global magazine quality ofl life to give CONGRATULATIONS to MARIJANA REBIC , general secretary of Fijet, for the sensible emotional evocations of Sant’Antonio da Padova 

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