TUNISIA Letter Tijany Haddad President F)IJET to those who with heavy tears cry my country-Focus VipJetBonelli


Tijani Haddad president Fijet

I am not of those who have easy tears or those who, in the first ordeal, low their arms and give up. It is true that what happened and is still happening in Tunisia is too hard to swallow, too strong to let us glimpse a short-term light stand in the horizon as the crisis has totally invaded politics, economy and social. In addition, terrorism that has affected Tunisia in front continues to be one of our treats. It is true that we no longer recognize our country, Tunisia that had been admired by ones and envied by others. It is also true that a democratic transition has its heavy price. Now it is time to stop the damage. Tunisia through its human resources is able to turn the tide. We need a Marshall plan that takes into consideration priorities while planning the long term. We need to diversifying our economy and promoting an attractive environment for domestic and foreign investments. Our foreign policy must return to our credo: «not-interfere, neither in neighbor nor other countries” Finally, Tunisia has been, thanks to its cultural heritage and its natural assets, a popular Tourism destination in the Mediterranean and the world. Now we need a total overhaul of our Tourism. Today the collapse is not yet irreversible, but anxiety is almost generalized. Today we should stop lamenting our fate and that of our country without lifting a finger. We all should participate to redressing the situation even by propositions and ideas or through “think-tanks”. Our duty towards our country is to arm ourselves withconstructive optimism, to give to the Government the necessary support, even critical but mostly constructive. Our politicians also have the obligation to forget, even for a while, their political affiliation, their ideologies and their personal ambition and devote themselves entirely to Tunisia and to Tunisian people. Tunisia needs a selfless national collective and generator revival, a fair and sustainable development. It is only in this way that will dry our tears and our country regains its stability and development.  

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