Turismo internazionale Spagna  Los Realejos, a small town in Tenerife, exhibits the largest fireworks in Europe


 Los Realejos, a small town in Tenerife, exhibits the largest fireworks in Europe
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domenica 8 maggio 2022 – 20:41
Dear colleague,
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Enrique Sancho and like you a tourism journalist. I am a member, as you, of FIJET (International Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers) and General Director of FEPET (Spanish Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers), also Director of OPEN COMUNICACIÓN, an agency specialized in Tourism for 28 years.
One of our specialties is organizing trips with foreign journalists so that they can get to know certain Spanish festivals that want to obtain the title of Festival of International Tourist Interest, for which they need publications in the foreign press. For reasons of the budget of the hosts, we usually travel with foreign correspondents residing in Spain, but sometimes also with journalists who come expressly from their respective countries. Two weeks ago we traveled to Jaén in Andalusia with 6 correspondents and 3 journalists who came from the Czech Republic and Poland. If you are interested, whenever possible, in the future we will try to count on you and your medium.
I take advantage of this email to send you the latest report we have done on a party that takes place in the Canary Islands. You would do me a great favor if you made a hole for it in your publication. Both the report and the photos are completely free and I would appreciate it if you would send me a PDF or link if you publish it.
Naturally, you can translate it into your language with a good online translator or, if it is not possible for you, tell me and we will do it for you. I include in English the title and the first paragraph.
I also offer myself for whatever you may need from Spain and I trust that we can establish a mutual collaboration.
With my thanks, receive a cordial greeting from Madrid.
Enrique Sancho
Director General de FEPET
Federación Española de Periodistas y Escritores de Turismo
Palacio de Fernán Núñez
C/ Santa Isabel, 44 28012 Madrid
Tel.: 670 09 82 85
Santiago Rusiñol, 10 12º 3
28040 Madrid
Tels.: 91 447 72 91 y 670 09 82 85
Los Realejos, a small town in Tenerife, exhibits the largest fireworks in Europe
In its festival of Las Cruces and the Fires of May, two streets compete to offer the most spectacular
Enrique Sancho
One more year –and this one with more force after two without celebrations–, the small municipality of Los Realejos, in Tenerife, at the foot of Orotava and Teide, has once again staged an old rivalry between two streets that causes the greatest spectacle of fireworks that can be seen in Europe. Tons of gunpowder and sophisticated technology result in a prodigy of lights and sounds that shakes the body and moves the soul. Almost two hours of explosions, evanescent colors, ephemeral fires, firecrackers and lightning that illuminate and make the streets and neighborhoods of El Sol and El Medio vibrate in a rare tribute to the Holy Cross that parades through its alleys but makes a stop between rockets because he also wants to contemplate this singular and exclusive show that is born in some isolated fields but also on the roofs of many of the houses.

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