FESTIVAL The Croatian Festival of the Mandolin Orchestras “selected by VipjetBonelli”



by    Marijana Rebic

The Croatian Festival of the Mandolin Orchestras “Mandolina Imota” is held in Imotski , on 21-22 October

More than any other city in the Croatia, small town Imotski (situated in Middle Dalmatia) is considered the capital of mandolina music in Croatia.
For anybody who is wondering about the Mandolina Festival Imota in Imotski I’ve got to say it’s an annual wonderful event.
The Mandolin is a great instrument that has a long history but as time has passed, the Mandolin has become one of the most popular acoustic string instruments of the 20th century.
The mandolin is such a strong part of the Croatian traditional music and many of us are thankful for every opportunity to listen to it’s distinctive sound whenever there is a cultural performance.

Mandolina orchestra Imotski players ,conducted by prof. Antonela Rebic and all Orchestras from Croatia and abroad who have participated Festival, did a phenomenal job of establishing a lasting legacy and tradition, while newer mandolin players to the scene have helped to advanced mandolin by developing new styles and the next mandolin sound of the future.
The fusion of these influences created a unique and unmistakable Festival style, which put the mandolin securely at center stage. Today the mandolin should continues to be a popular and vital instrument in Croatia and Mediterranean countries, should continues to attract young players who keep the music alive and growing.
The Festival is officialy opened by Ivan Alduk, Ministry of Culture and media, Mijo Zidar, County of Spli-Dalmatia and Ana Marija Radeljic, the city of imotski.

The festival opened its door with a concert by the famous orchestras Sanctus Domnio from Split and Mandolina Orchestra from Ljubljana, Slovenia presenting a unique music performance in genre of musical and operetta.
In this 26th edition of the Imotski Croatian Mandolin Festival, the artistic direction of the Mandolina Imota Association presents a format where there is greater proximity to the public, demonstrating the varied languages that the mandolin, here and in the world, presents. At the City Music School in Imotski, Festival is also held in competitive part for 6 Orchestras, as well as in workshops.
The Festivals are actually planned, organised and run by the Mandolin orchestra from Imotski, conducted by Prof.Antonela Rebic, and Mandolina Imota Festival Association, leaded by Ante Vujevic, Professor of music.

Thanks to all Orchestras who keep a lasting mandolin tradition and heritage.

Photos: Mandolina Festival Imota, Zoran Djurdjevic, Mijo Zidar

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