EVENTS in FITUR by VIPJETBONELLI. The president of FIJET Spain, Miguel Ángel González Suárez, hace uno spectacular cerimonia de Award ceremony for the Best in  Tourism


Preview.  Touristic ab Cinematografic Group Bonelli consulting Srl  see  is a leader in attending Touristic world exhibitions since 1954.
Personally his President ing. Antonio Bonelli ,cofounder Fijet 1954, wants express congratulations to President of FIJET Spain, Miguel Ángel González Suárez,  publishing  by  flash report in eleven languages diffusing  his powerfull partecippation to Fitur Madrid, 


The FIJET Spain  2023 Award ceremony for the Best in  Tourism  took place in the capital of Spain, within the framework of the International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2023  ( 19-22 January ).

Fijet  Spain has awarded the FIJET Spain 2023 Awards to winners with the aim of recognizing and honoring the entity, its projects, valuing excellence in the management and promotion of tourism.

The president of FIJET Spain, Miguel Ángel González Suárez, stressed that “it is time to look to the future with ambition and enthusiasm and with the conviction that the good path of recovery is solid, from unity. The Fijet  Award categories  have to serve as an example for us to achieve total tourist excellence”


Best Destination Country: France

* Best Spanish City Destination: Toledo

* Best Transport Company that operates in Spain: Renfe

* Best Spanish Hotel: Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel

* Best Spanish Wine Route : Ribera del Duero

The International Federation of Tourism Journalists in Spain, FIJET has met within the framework of FITUR 2023 with Hamat Ngai Kumba, Minister of Tourism and Culture of The Gambia to sign an agreement and collaboration protocol with said African country that will be sealed next April in Banjul.



Noe: is it possible integre con fotos y notas  de officina de prensa de Fijet Espagna  mrs Nuria Alberti Ausejo

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