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CIST-FIJET ITALIA Centro italiano  internazionale della stampa turisica. Founded since 1950

Chairman: Dr. Eng.  Antonio Bonelli, Master consultant in marketing for international tourism – is a free association of foreign and Italian journalists and authors operating in the tourist sector. Cofonder  1954 – It also- since from foundation represents the F.J.E.T. Fèderation International des Journalistes et des Ecrivans du Tourisme in Italy- with legally registered notary deed and in accordance with the Articles of Association.
Members of the association include journalists enrolled in the National Roll of Journalists, writers and authors specialising in the tourism sector, graduates, university lecturers, experts in tourism at a national and international level, and members of governmental and private tourism commissions.
The aim of the association is to supply tourist information of a journalistic nature to members; help develop an awareness of tourism at both a national and international level by supporting any initiative which may help it achieve its goals; work in collaboration with public institutions and private organisations to examine and solve technical, economic and social problems with an impact on national and international tourism from a legal, administrative and operative point of view; promote and organise meetings with representatives from the political, cultural and economic sector in Italy and abroad; take part in meetings, events, and conferences and represent Italy in the international press for the tourist sector (Art. 2 of the Articles of Association).
The print and online magazine, “ITP EVENTS”, owned and published by Bonelli Consulting S.r.l., is the medium employed by the organisation. It provides information and operative news on tourism and culture at its own autonomous discretion.
Given the Chairmanship of Mr. Antonio Bonelli from Bonelli consulting Ltd ( ), CIST-FIJET members:- can obtain press contacts and support in Italy and abroad at Bonelli ITP Event stands at national and international trade fairs – enjoy Bonelli Consulting S.r.l. benefits at special conditions.
Each year our members attend the most important travel fairs in Europe: in January, FITUR Madrid/in February, BIT Milan /in March, ITB Belin/in April BMT Naples /in May, IMEX Frankfurt and the Cannes Film Festival/in September, the Venice Film Festival/in November, WTM London, BTC Rome and EIBTM Barcelona/in December, ITLM Cannes. Partecipations even with stands “Bonelli ITP Events”.

CIST-FIJET ITALIA Headquarters in  Via Roccaporena 9 – 00191 Roma (Fleming)
Telephone +39 06 8085954  // + 39 06 9086049  email

Personal contacts with the President  Skipe ing.bonelli

Executive Board  CIST FIJET ITALIA

Dott. Ing. Antonio Bonelli – Journalist President of ITALY Cist Fijet Italia

Personal e-mail


Vera De Luca – vice President of Cist Fijet Italia

 Harry Di Prisco – vice president of Cist Fijet Italia (Ad interim)

Luca Bonelli Vicepresident

Prof.  Sergio Bertelli – Adviser

Prof. Maria-Grazie Messina –  Adviser

 Ad interim Antonio Bonelli – Tresaurer

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